How to Pick a Blend Coffee

Philocoffea offers a wide range of specialty coffee blends suitable for all occasions. Here's how to choose one that suits your taste and needs.

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“Hey, you misspelled ‘coffee!’”

It’s a common reaction when people see our company name, Philocoffea. In fact, we named our business after the coffea tree (yes, that’s how it’s actually spelled!).

For us, the coffee tree represents the source of the entire coffee industry. Everything can be traced back to it; coffee, the coffee mug, the dripper, and the espresso machine—even the lives and connections between people involved in coffee.

Philocoffea was coined from the combination of philosophy and coffea. We think deeply about the coffee industry’s possibilities and ideals as a whole and are actively working to make them a reality.


4:6 Method

Coffee brewing theory invented by Tetsu Kasuya

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