216 Indonesia Mandheling

216 Indonesia Mandheling


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Flavor Notes

Bitter, Dark Chocolate, Baked Apple, Herbal, Sweet Earthy, Full Body


Producer: 250 small farmers
Area: Pollung, Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Sumatra
Altitude: 1,400-1,500m
Varietal: Ateng, TimTim

Processing: Wet Hulling

Roast Level

Dark roast


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<Pollung Alfiner>

Pollung district, located southwest of Lake Toba in North Sumatra, is known for its quality parchment coffee, which is meticulously sourced from each producer in the area, ensuring it is not mixed with Mandheling coffee from other regions. Unlike the Lintong district, which has few shade trees, Alfiner, the representative of the area, has started planting leguminous trees called Lamtoro Gun, inspired by practices in the Aceh district. This initiative aims not only to mitigate drought damage but also to stabilize the soil and growing conditions by planting more saplings under the shade trees.

Additionally, in an effort to enhance the overall quality of the region's coffee, Alfiner has launched a project to create saplings from high-sugar cherries and distribute them to approximately 50 farmers. Some of these new plantings include exclusive Bourbon and Typica varieties. Alfiner hopes that the project's success will encourage neighboring farmers to cooperate as well. This is a long-term endeavor, marking the first step toward the ambitious goal of producing high-quality Mandheling coffee consistently in the future.

<Sumatra Method>

The distinctive feature of Indonesian coffee, particularly Mandheling, is said to lie in its unique processing method known as the Sumatra Method. Typically, coffee is dried either in its cherry form (natural) or as parchment (washed), but the Sumatra Method involves removing the parchment shell and drying the coffee in its green bean state.

Normally, the drying process takes 1 to 2 weeks, but by drying the beans in their green state, it can be completed in about 3 days. This faster drying process is crucial given Indonesia's rainy climate. This unique drying method contributes to the characteristic flavor profile of Indonesian coffee.


This is the first time in two years that we are handling Mandheling at Philocoffea. For this occasion, we wanted to create a coffee that preserves the distinctive character of Mandheling while being smooth and easy to drink. We roasted it slowly and carefully for about 11 minutes, achieving a deep roast.

At the first sip, you'll notice the characteristic bitterness of a deep roast, followed by a gradual spread of flavors reminiscent of ripe apples. The aftertaste carries the earthy nuances typical of Mandheling, with hints of leather, grass, and soil. You might wonder if these flavors can really be delicious, but many find themselves captivated by its unique charm. This deep roast is perfect for the early summer season when the greenery is in full bloom. Please give it a try.

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