198 El Salvador Santa Rosa Pacamara Natural

198 El Salvador Santa Rosa Pacamara Natural


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Red Cherry, Almond Chocolate, Smooth, Plum, Apricot, Black Tea, Velvety


Farm: Santa Rosa
Producer: J.Raul Rivera
Area: Chalatenango / San Ignacio
Altitude: 1,600m
Varietal: Pacamara
Processing: Natural

Roast Level

Medium roast


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"Santa Rosa"

Santa Rosa, one of the finest farms in El Salvador, boasts numerous accolades from competitions such as Cup of Excellence, garnering worldwide recognition. (Winner of COE in 2014, 2017, and 2019).

Located on the slopes of El Pital, the highest peak in El Salvador, Santa Rosa Farm sits near La Palma, in the northwest region bordering Honduras. Coffee cultivation in this area began in 1979 under the stewardship of Jorge Raul Rivera Sr. At the time, amidst the country's civil war, land was abundant and affordable. Seizing the opportunity, Mr. Raul purchased several plots. Post-war, as El Salvador regained stability, he acquired the land that would become Finca Santa Rosa, starting with governmental subsidies for post-war reconstruction, initially venturing into pine lumber cultivation. Given the lengthy ten-year maturation period for exportable timber, he utilized available spaces, planting the Pacamara variety, native to El Salvador, which became the cornerstone of coffee production at Santa Rosa. The prolonged state of neglect due to the war facilitated Pacamara's growth. Presently, aside from experimental seedlings, Pacamara comprises nearly all plantings.

Moreover, Mr. Raul serves as the representative for the producers' association in the Chalatenango district, actively contributing to the community by offering process support and agricultural guidance to neighboring farmers. Possessing Q-Grader certification and proficient in English from his study abroad experience in the United States, he is not only influential domestically but also globally renowned.


Pacamara is one of the varieties that requires careful attention during roasting due to its large bean size. We decided to finish it with a medium roast to accentuate the pleasant sweetness we experienced when tasting the sample, aiming for an enjoyable sweetness. Adjustments were made to avoid an overly burnt taste by not raising the input temperature too high. Roasting was conducted meticulously, taking about 4 minutes for both the drying and Maillard phases, ensuring thorough development to the core. The roasting process was concluded once a sweet aroma was detected while monitoring the scent.

This blend exhibits reddish flavors reminiscent of red cherries or apples, coupled with sweetness akin to almond chocolate. Its characteristic thick and robust body, typical of Pacamara, is further enhanced by a higher degree of roasting compared to our 197 Washed, allowing for a more defined liquid contour. As it cools, you'll discern flavors akin to apricot or plum liqueur, followed by a herbal aroma in the aftertaste. We invite you to savor the indulgent sweetness of Pacamara Natural and the crisp cleanliness of Pacamara Washed, particularly our Santa Rosa offering.

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