Tetsu Kasuya's Hario V60 Coffee Dripper: Beginner's Guide

Tetsu Kasuya's Hario V60 Coffee Dripper: Beginner's Guide

So, you’ve brewed coffee before but are new to the Hario V60 Dripper? In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll show you how to prepare genuinely delicious coffee using the highly acclaimed Kasuya Model, which is known for its precision while being beginner-friendly.

Tetsu Kasuya pouring hot water over coffee beans using Hario gear.

What is the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper?

A cone pour-over brewer, the Hario V60 is designed to produce an evenly brewed cup of coffee. Its cone-shaped paper filter adds depth to the coffee layer, making it one of the most popular manual coffee brewers. The water flows to the center, extending its time in contact with the ground coffee.
How is the Kasuya Model Different?

Philocoffea founder and CEO Tetsu Kasuya used to teach using the standard Hario V60 but found that, in many cases, the resulting coffee turned out to be too light. Thus, Tetsu collaborated with Hario to make a variation of the V60 that would be easier for beginners to brew coffee with coarse grind beans.

The standard Hario V60 dripper has ribs inside to help water flow better. The ribs allow air to pass through and for the hot water to flow downwards. More ribs make the water flow faster, which results in a lighter taste. Fewer ribs slow the water flow, resulting in a denser, heavier coffee.

Thus, the Hario V60 Kasuya Model has a special section at the bottom of the dripper about 1cm tall with no inner ribs to slow the flow.

Tetsu spent a year experimenting with different shapes, variations in rib patterns, and placement. Eventually, he chose the one that tasted best with his coarse grind beans, thanks to it providing just the right speed of hot water drainage.

Getting Ready

Coffee-brewing equipment by Hario.

We recommend the following equipment for best results:

You may also want to have a grinder handy, but this is optional.

How to Brew with the Hario V60 Kasuya Model

Tetsu Kasuya’s 4:6 Method

Ideal for coarsely ground coffee beans, this method helped Tetsu win the 2016 World Brewers Cup. Below is a summary. Please see the full article for more details.

  1. Start with a 1:15 ratio of ground coffee beans to water.
  2. Divide the total amount of hot water into a 4:6 ratio.
  3. Pour the 40% portion over the coffee grounds, splitting it into two pours.
  4. Pour the remaining 60% of hot water to adjust the concentration.
Tetsu Kasuya's 4:6 Coffee Brewing Method Summary

    Timing Each Pour

    • 0:00 Pour 60 g
    • 0:45 Pour 60 g
    • 1:30 Pour 60 g
    • 2:15 Pour 60 g
    • 2:45 Pour 60 g
    • 3:30 Remove the coffee dripper

    How to Brew Coffee with the Hario V60 Kasuya Model

    Step 1. Getting Started: Setting the Filter, Rinse & Preheat
    Step 2. Measuring & Grinding: Measuring, Adding the Grounds 

    Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

    Step 3. Let it Bloom: Start Timer, Pour Water
    Step 4. Brew On: Add Water, Pouring Technique

    Tetsu Kasuya pouring hot water over coffee beans.

    Step 5. Finish Up: Slow to a Drip, Remove Filter & Spent Grounds
    Step 6. Clean & Store: Washing, Storage
    Step 7. Enjoy Your Coffee: Warm Mug: Drink Slowly

    Hario coffee-brewing equipment

    Ideal Coffees Beans for the Hario V60

    At Philocoffea, we understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to coffee. If you are just getting started with the Hario V60, we recommend you try Ethiopian beans. In fact, we carry some incredible Ethiopian beans from time to time, so keep an eye on our store’s “Africa” section!

    Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, produces some of the best single-origin coffees in the world. The environment is perfect for cultivating exquisite coffee. The beans are either washed or naturally processed. As a result, Ethiopian coffees typically have a higher level of acidity, possess a light to medium body, and offer complex flavor notes with hints of fruity and floral aromas.

    Get the Hario V60 Kasuya Model

    Ready to begin your journey into brewing better coffee? We know you’re going to love using the Hario V60 Kasuya Model. To learn more, visit our store.


    Cover photo by Afrah on Unsplash

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