Our Story

We aim to enrich people’s lives through the medium of coffee by bringing an exceptional coffee experience to every corner of the world. The drive to achieve this mission was ignited in our founder, Tetsu Kasuya, when he became the first Asian to be crowned World Champion at the World Brewers Cup.


First Asian to Win the World Brewers Cup

Philocoffea was founded by Tetsu Kasuya, the first Asian to win the World Brewers Cup and Co-founder Masami Kaji.

The World Brewers Cup is a competition to determine the taste of coffee brewed using non-powered equipment and the taste of so-called black coffee. Participants from thirty-six countries took part in the 2016 competition. Tetsu was the first Japanese to make it to the finals and the first Asian to be crowned World Champion.

Since then, he has coached baristas from around the world to victory, including producing the tournament's 2018 champion. He is one of the top baristas and top coaches, globally renowned.

Philocoffea is where the magic happens. Tetsu selects and buys green coffee beans, creates roasting profiles, and controls quality. We invite you to experience genuinely delicious coffee made from beans selected, roasted, and quality-controlled by Tetsu, who knows the taste of black coffee better than anyone else.


What Makes Great Coffee?

We're sure all of you reading this are desperate to experience a truly great cup of coffee, but how do we get there?

Does it taste good if the flavors are complex, if it's not acidic, if it's sweet, palatable, bitter, or thick…?

Of course, taste is subjective—coffee is a luxury item, so there is no right or wrong answer. However, in our opinion, the right choice is a "clean" coffee that has a pleasant and lasting aftertaste.

We believe that cleanliness is essential for creating the complex flavors of specialty coffees, pleasant acidity, and a lasting sweet aftertaste.

For this reason, Philocoffea coffees are available from light to dark roasts, all of which are "clean" and provide a pleasantly persistent aftertaste.


Philocoffea is "Delivering Coffee Everywhere"

At Philocoffea, our mission is “to enrich the lives of people everywhere through the medium of coffee.” Thus, our corporate motto is, “Delivering coffee everywhere.”

Our company name, Philocoffea, is a combination of the words “philosophy” and “coffea.”

Why “coffea” and not “coffee?” The coffee industry started with the coffea tree (yes, that’s how it’s spelled!). The coffea tree is the origin of the coffee industry. It inspires us to envision and strive towards an ideal coffee industry.

We gradually and persistently progress towards this ideal like a coffea tree taking root.

Our Methodology
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