212 Ethiopia Worka Chelchele Washed

212 Ethiopia Worka Chelchele Washed


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White Peach, Honey, Floral, Tea-like, Grape, Black Tea


CWS: Worka Chelchele Washing Station
Producer: Various Small Producers
Area: Gedeb, Gedeo
Altitude: 1,945-1,970m
Varietal: Heirloom
Processing: Washed

Roast Level

Light roast


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Chelchele is a washing station situated at an altitude of 1950m in the Gedeo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region. During the harvesting season, freshly picked cherries from nearly 1000 local coffee farmers are transported and undergo production processing until they are finished into dry parchment. With over 200 individuals working at the washing station, the quality is enhanced through cherry selection upon delivery, various stages of production processing, and tasks such as stirring and picking on African beds.

In the washing process, it is said that they enhance the quality of coffee by using cleaner water through filtration and reinforcing sanitation in water channels. Additionally, in the drying process, they are said to be experimenting with shaded drying using agricultural shade nets, in addition to traditional sun drying on African beds and lot management by bed numbers. While the drying time on African beds typically takes about 10 to 14 days, shaded drying extends the drying time to about 20 days, leading to a slower drying process. Such changes in drying time not only affect moisture content but also significantly contribute to stabilizing quality by optimizing water activity values. (Given Japan's distance from coffee-producing countries, proper storage conditions are crucial due to the long transportation time.)


We've crafted this Ethiopian washed coffee with a delicate and soft flavor profile, perfect for a spring-like light roast. It exudes a refined sweetness akin to white peaches, coupled with an elegant impression reminiscent of sipping honey-infused tea. You'll also notice a refreshing sensation akin to nibbling on small grapes. This Ethiopian coffee adds a touch of spring and color to your everyday routine.

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