How to Brew Delicious Coffee with the Kasuya Double Stainless Steel Dripper

How to Brew Delicious Coffee with the Kasuya Double Stainless Steel Dripper

The options are endless when choosing how to brew your favorite cup of coffee.

The flannel drip is a manual brewing method that originated in Japan and is becoming popular worldwide. As the name suggests, a cotton flannel filter is used. In Japan, we often call it "Nel Drip," with "Nel" being short for "flannel."

Many coffee lovers would like to enjoy the ease of flannel drip but have trouble getting it to work. If that describes you, then keep reading because we have a solution!

When it comes to pour-over coffee, your tools make a difference. The Kasuya Double Stainless Steel Dripper was designed by Tetsu Kasuya, our founder and 2016 World Brewers Cup World Champion. He is also the only official partner of Hario, Japan's leading maker of coffee-brewing equipment.

In this issue, Tetsu himself has compiled a guide on using this very popular dripper to brew a delicious cup of coffee just like a flannel drip. We hope you will enjoy trying it at home.


What is the Kasuya Double Stainless Steel Dripper?

This innovative new drip brewer allows you to enjoy the deep flavor of flannel drip, a treasure of Japanese coffee culture used with care by our celebrated artisan baristas.

The double-sided mesh on the side of the cup extracts coffee oil and prevents the formation of fine particles. The newly developed double-sided mesh prevents over-extraction and allows you to enjoy a mild and clear taste.

Furthermore, the paperless design eliminates waste.


How to Brew Delicious Coffee the Tetsu Way — with the Kasuya Double Stainless Steel Dripper!

What to Prepare

  • Kasuya Double Stainless Steel Dripper
  • Server
  • Scale
  • Kettle
  • Medium Coarse Ground Coffee: 20 g
  • Hot Water at 94 °C: 280 g (enough to brew 240–250 g of coffee)

Let’s Actually Try Brewing!

When setting up the scale, server, and coffee beans and pouring hot water, the key is to hold the dripper by hand, not on top of the server. This will give you a sensory extraction similar to using a flannel drip.

0:00 Start pouring slowly and gently
2:00 Amount of extraction 45 g
   Pour hot water vigorously from here
2:30 Amount of extraction 100 g
3:00 Dripper is taken at 240–250 g extraction volume

The key is to brew slowly and carefully at first and maintain a high water level during the second half of extraction, as hot water tends to accumulate.


Creating Special Moments with the Kasuya Double Stainless Steel Dripper

If the process of brewing coffee and the time spent tasting it makes you happy, then the coffee is right.

Coffee that is carefully brewed one cup at a time in an old-fashioned coffee shop using a flannel drip is delicious even before you drink it. It's truly something special. We hope you will feel the same comfort and satisfaction with this new dripper.

Of course, the process we have introduced in this article isn't the only way to go about things. We encourage you to experiment and find your own style. And, feel free to share your results with our community on Instagram using the #Philocoffea hashtag!

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