Our Methodology

At Philocoffea, we sell Specialty Grade coffee beans, but what does that mean? An increasing number of coffee shops worldwide sell similar high-grade coffee, but is it truly delicious?

Representing the top 5% of total production, our beans are exceptionally high quality. How do they compare? Despite being made from the highest quality beans, a cup of coffee could be strangely sour, assertively bitter, or not very palatable in general. If any elements along the production line are wanting, either the farmer, roaster, or barista, the coffee in your cup will also be lacking somewhat.

Beyond sourcing superior beans, paying attention to the roasting and extraction processes is crucial. Our mission is to provide unforgettable coffee experiences resulting from the best beans and the optimal roasting and brewing methods for each coffee type.

How We Source Coffee Beans

At Philocoffea, we are responsible for bridging producers and customers. Coffee beans are an inextricable part of our everyday life.

We define Specialty Coffee as having all four crucial criteria: location, cultivation, hand-picking, and sustainability. This means you can trace the beans directly to the farm they were raised in. Their extraction process was handled with the utmost care and sustainability.

When our founder, Tetsu Kasuya, finds a coffee that he can firmly believe in, he buys it directly from the farm. He believes that the process of coffee cherries being harvested and turned into green coffee beans is like an art: it contains the producers’ care, dedication and comes with its own story. He values the relationship of trust created after seeing how they work and live with his own eyes. After talking to the local people who live there and experiencing their culture firsthand, Tetsu is inspired to sell their coffee.

At Philocoffea, we want to take these dedicated growers’ beans and convey the unique charms of the coffees cultivated in each region.

Philocoffea's Approach to Roasting Coffee

At Philocoffea, we aim to set a new standard in the coffee culture worldwide. We strive to derive the best solution for each type of coffee bean with a thorough roasting approach.

Our store, equipped with the world's best roasting machines of Loring, is also a roasting station and a sacred laboratory to explore coffee beans in new and unique ways. Our founder and champion barista, Tetsu Kasuya, creates and manages all the roasting profiles himself.

When new green coffee arrives, we use Tetsu's expertise to repeatedly hypothesize, test and develop roasting profiles to create the best products.

Sometimes, the roasting process is delicate, subtracting nothing from the great green beans' potential and adding nothing to them. Sometimes he arrives at a completely unexpected roast.

The best quality green beans are considered shallow but roasted later than normal. When Tetsu's fertile imagination meets rare and top-quality green beans, the result is a delicious chemical transformation.

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