How to Pick the Right Coffee for Your Taste & Needs

How to Pick the Right Coffee for Your Taste & Needs

Philocoffea offers a wide range of specialty coffee blends. Each has its own unique characteristics.

The details can be a little overwhelming for first-timers, so we put together this little guide to help you choose a coffee that suits your taste, whether it's acidic, bitter, or full-bodied.

Here are our recommendations:

Blend Coffee Comparison


A well-balanced taste with the natural sweetness of the coffee and pleasant acidity.

Made from an exquisite blend of beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Guatemala, this coffee's colorful sweetness will increase as it cools. Rather than drinking it all while it's still warm, we recommend taking your time to enjoy the flavor of the coffee as it slowly evolves.

This blend reflects my (Kasuya's) preferences as a roaster. Instead of treating it with reverence and saving it for special occasions, we intend this blend to be enjoyed as part of your daily life. Of course, we are happy if you drink it thoughtfully, but we also hope you can relax and enjoy it in a casual mood.

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For those who like their coffee with just the right amount of acidity and bitterness.

Blended with beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, and Honduras, this coffee makes an ideal gift for anyone. I (Kasuya) usually drink it after lunch. It's perfect for taking a moment before beginning my afternoon work or just to relax a little.

Brewed a little darker, many people also love a cup of 013 as a reward after a hard day's work. However, if you are looking for a slightly darker, deeper roast coffee that goes well in the evening, you might prefer 014.

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A blend with a deep, rich sweetness and a crisp, clean bitterness.

This Rudder Blend is comprised of beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala. I (Kasuya) can attest to as Philocoffea's Quality Control Officer that its deliciousness can be understood in just one sip.

014 is a blend that aims for a taste beyond the "I'm going to have a good cup of coffee" mood. It delivers that satisfying "Now this is delicious" moment.

That said, 014 isn't a revolutionary coffee. Instead, it enhances the quality of your daily life. You don't need to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate 014, so it is ideal as a gift for loved ones, regardless of where they are in their coffee journey.

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Still not sure what you like?

You can't go wrong starting with our 013 Rudder Blend Medium Dark—it's a safe choice for any occasion!

Suppose you are more particular about the water temperature. In that case, you may want to focus on adjusting it to bring out the flavor of each coffee type you brew. Below are our water temperature recommendations for each of our blends.

Water temperature recommendations for each of our blends

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