【2023】325 Ecuador La Papaya TOMODACHI【World Champion Series】

【2023】325 Ecuador La Papaya TOMODACHI【World Champion Series】


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"TOMODACHI" is our signature lineup.

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This coffee was only made possible through the cooperation between the farmers, producers, Tri-Up Coffee in Taiwan (special thanks to Erik!), and our founder, Tetsu — working together as friends.

Tetsu decided to name this exceptional coffee "Tomodachi," which means "friend" in Japanese, to express our immense gratitude.


This exquisite coffee was made using the following Double Anaerobic Process designed by our founder, Tetsu, World Brewers Cup 2016 Champion.

  1. We selected only ripe cherries with Brix over 23.
  2. Put them into the airtight barrels for the first fermentation for two days.
  3. Pulp them, and gather pulps and juice. 
  4. Place back into the barrels for 2nd fermentation stage for two days again.
  5. They are dried on a shaded African bed.

After the first fermentation from ripening cherries, I found dark wine red juice in the barrel. I tasted it. At first, I braced myself, but it tasted so lovely!! This was when we knew we had something truly remarkable.

When we opened the barrel after Stage Two, we were greeted by a divine aroma of super ripe bananas, mangos, and tropical fruits. We high-fived each other!


We are trying to make the best coffee ever. We still lack knowledge, facilities, and funds but intend to continue investing to achieve this goal. Join us on this journey by becoming a regular customer, and enjoy experiencing the evolution of our coffee.



TOMODACHI from Ecuador are in their second year. La Papaya Farm gained recognition when a barista champion won the 2018 U.S. competition using the Natural Process of the Typica variety and went on to use Typica from La Papaya Farm in the world competition. It is a farm that has garnered attention for its achievements.

The farm owner, Mr. Juan Peña, originally a floriculturist, faced adversity when his farm was destroyed in a fire, making continued floriculture impossible. Contemplating his next step, he decided to venture into coffee cultivation. The farm began in 2009, but it gained recognition for competition use from 2014 onward.

La Papaya Farm is equipped with sensors throughout the soil, collecting soil data 24/7. Temperature, potassium levels, calcium levels, magnesium levels, and more are meticulously recorded. This data, along with yield information, is utilized for studies on appropriate watering and fertilization, contributing to the cultivation of coffee. By accumulating data year after year, Mr. Peña can remotely monitor the soil condition even when not on the farm, enabling remote irrigation and fertilization. Currently, he is sharing this technology with neighboring farmers, striving to improve Ecuador's coffee industry. While conveying one's intuition is challenging, having numerical benchmarks makes teaching much easier.

The green beans exhibited a yellowish tint and a fermented aroma, coupled with a relatively high moisture content. Therefore, in the roasting process, I provided a substantial amount of heat particularly in the early stages. However, to avoid excessive acidity and lack of sweetness that might result from a short roasting time, I adjusted the post-color change period to allow for a more complex sweetness.

This coffee offers a tropical flavor reminiscent of papaya, with a profound lingering taste resembling cocoa and sweet cider. There are also spicy undertones such as nutmeg, making it an exotic coffee. As the temperature drops, you'll notice flavors akin to tamarind, orange, and sherry wine. Despite the fermented notes, the well-defined sweetness and body provide a balanced and enjoyable experience until the end.


Taste Notes

Papaya, Cacao Nib, Sweet Cedar, Spicy, Tamarind, Sherry, Blood Orange, Nutmeg, Round, Complex


Farm: La Papaya
Producer: Juan Pena
Area: San Lorenzo, Saraguro, Loja
Altitude: 2,100m
Varietal: Typica Mejorado
Processing: Tetsu process(Double Anaerobic)

Roast Level

Light roast

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