389 Costa Rica Don Eli Tetsu Process YABAI

389 Costa Rica Don Eli Tetsu Process YABAI


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Cacao Nibs, Dried Cranberries, Plums, Dried Pineapple, Juicy, Molasses, Heavyweight, Complex


Farm: Don Eli
Producer: Moreno Family
Area: Los Santos
Altitude: 1,800m
Varietal: Catuai
Processing: Natural Extended Fermentation(5-7days)

Roast Level

Light roast


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Similar to PHILOCOFFEA's signature line "TOMODACHI," this coffee is a collaborative effort between a local farm, an exporter from Taiwan (Tri-Up Coffee), and Tetsu Kasuya.

"Don Eli"

The Moreno Family has been involved in coffee production in the mountains of Tarrazú, Costa Rica, for three generations. It's a region blessed with volcanic fertile soil, making it a thriving area for the coffee industry. Aimed at sustainable coffee production, the farm is said to cultivate coffee while preserving the environment by minimizing tree cutting.

Currently managing the farm are Carlos, the second generation, and his son Jacob, the third generation. Jacob, with his degree in economics, supports the management of the farm by overseeing processes, lot management, and business aspects. Quite versatile, isn't he? Both grandfather and Carlos have been engaged in coffee cultivation since childhood. The years 2014-2015 marked their debut as specialty coffee producers, where they shifted away from mass production and focused on innovative production methods to enhance quality. Subsequently, they've achieved notable positions in competitions such as 8th place in COE 2021 and 6th place in COE 2022... now established as a prestigious farm in competitions.

In addition to varieties like Catuai, Catura, and Typica, they've recently begun planting new varieties such as Geisha, Bourbon, SL28, and Mundo Novo. They're also experimenting with refining methods, combining traditional techniques with controlling different variables like pH, temperature, and sugar content, introducing anaerobic fermentation processes.

This time, we're using the Anaerobic Natural process, undergoing a longer fermentation period of 5-7 days. As the altitude is 1,700m, the temperature isn't too low. To ensure the temperature of the tanks doesn't rise too much during fermentation, they're placed in a cold room, paying attention to how they're positioned to achieve uniform fermentation. The fermentation time is determined by monitoring factors like sugar content and pH inside the tanks, ensuring it ends at the right point. Since we haven't conducted fermentation using mosst yet this year, we can expect even more complexity in the coming years.


This inaugural year of "YABAI" marks the benchmark for enjoying the changes in YABAI over the next 2 or 3 years and beyond. Together with Don Eli Farm, Tri-up, Philocoffea, and everyone else, shall we make some seriously awesome coffee?

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