Signed book by Tetsu Kasuya "Illustrated Guide to Coffee: Beginner's Year"

Signed book by Tetsu Kasuya "Illustrated Guide to Coffee: Beginner's Year"


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A popular barista from the downtown area uses casual manga and illustrations to explain coffee in an easy-to-understand manner! Reading this will make coffee 10 times more enjoyable!

I've been drinking coffee every day for years. Outside, it's black coffee, and at home, I even brew it myself. But in the end, I always go for the same blend. Why? Because I have no idea what else to choose. (...But, maybe I'd like to know a bit more about coffee.)

This book was born for people like that.

How can you become someone who enjoys the differences in coffee?

A popular downtown barista will explain it in an incredibly easy-to-understand way, using casual manga and illustrations.

Reading this book will:

★ Allow you to casually choose coffee just by looking at the package, whether you're in a supermarket, a coffee chain store, or a specialty coffee shop.

★ Give you a rough idea of the taste just by looking at the origin, whether it's Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and so on.

★ Teach you the easiest way to brew delicious coffee according to the bean's level.

We promise you'll become able to do these things.

Recommended for:
- Those who love coffee but don't know which book to pick up to learn more.
- Those who want to know the general taste of coffee from different origins.
- Those who want to drink coffee more to their liking.

Please note that this book is entirely written in Japanese.

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