【2023】 Ethiopia Sky Project YABAI【World Champion Series】


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This YABAI is our signature lineup.
You must check it!!




This coffee was only made possible through the cooperation between the farmers, producers, Tri-Up Coffee in Taiwan (special thanks to Erik!), and our founder, Tetsu — working together as friends.

Farm Info

  • Producer: Tamiru Tadesse
  • Area: Alo, Sidama
  • Altitude: 2,450m+
  • Varietal: 74158
  • Processing: Whole cherry fermented for 10 days under temperature control of 12℃.  Finish Natural style.
  • Flavor notes: Grape, Red wine, Raisins,Cacao, Dried figs,Raspberry ,Blueberries, Aromatic, Yellow Peach, Transparent
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