079 Guatemala Calahute Anaerobic Dip-Style Coffee Bags
079 Guatemala Calahute Anaerobic Dip-Style Coffee Bags
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Load image into Gallery viewer, 079 Guatemala Calahute Anaerobic Dip-Style Coffee Bags

Dip-Style Coffee Bags: 079 Guatemala Calahute Anaerobic


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Our dip-style coffee bags are among our most popular products. They use only the best coffee sourced worldwide and are approved by our founder, world champion brewer, Tetsu Kasuya.

079 Guatemala Calahute Anaerobic Dip-Style Coffee Bags



The unique cinnamon flavor is the signature of the anaerobic process coffee that attracts coffee lovers worldwide.



  1. Place one bag in a cup or tumbler.
  2. Add 50 g of hot water (about 93 °C) and steam for 30 seconds
  3. Pour an additional 130 grams of hot water
  4. Shake the bag about 10 times
  5. Wait 3 minutes
  6. Remove the bag

If you want it to be a little thicker, try reducing the hot water a little or shaking it a bit more before taking the bag out.



These dip-style coffee bags come in 3-bag and 5-bag sets and make ideal gifts for coffee lovers of all stripes. Follow our simple instructions above, and enjoy a coffee experience far better than that of most cafes.


Anaerobic Fermentation

This is a new process gaining attention in recent years for producing a unique taste different from the traditional process of natural washed honey.

Coffee cherries are placed in an airtight tank to promote fermentation. Taking longer than the standard fermentation process results in a coffee with intense and unique flavors. More recently, special processes, such as carbonic maceration, can be broadly classified as anaerobic processes.

The anaerobic fermentation process creates a coffee with a distinct cinnamon aroma and taste that gained attention worldwide. It was an exciting departure from traditional coffee.



The aroma and flavor are as if you had dipped a cinnamon stick in the cup and stirred. A hint of orange is also present on the palate. The texture is smooth, and the finish is immaculate. You can enjoy hot or iced.

Side note: Enjoy a cup together while eating plain baked goods for an unforgettable experience!



It is finished in a medium roast so that the acidity does not stand out too forcefully to express cinnamon's aroma clearly.

Nevertheless, the contours are blurred without acidity, so we ended the Maillard phase a little earlier to give the medium roast acidity.

As a result, the coffee has a three-dimensional feel, with acidic flavors such as orange expressed in the background.



  • Farm: Finca Calahute
  • Producer: Anzueto Family
  • Location: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Altitude: 1,370–1,500 m
  • Variety: Parainema
  • Production: Anaerobic Honey
  • Tastes: Cinnamon, orange, smooth


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