[Dip-Style]180 China Yunnan Dehong Yeast Fermentation Honey

[Dip-Style]180 China Yunnan Dehong Yeast Fermentation Honey


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Coffee in tea bags? Indeed! Quickly and easily make barista-quality coffee at home and on the go. No machine needed—just add hot water!


  1. Pour 50g of hot water (93–95 °C)
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Pour 130g of hot water
  4. Shake up and down 10–20 times (adjust as needed to suit your preferred intensity)
  5. Wait 3 minutes
  6. Remove the bag

Farm Info

• Farm: YUAN YI YUAN Coffee Farm
• Producer: Duan Bing Yi
• Area: Dehong, Yunnnan
• Altitude: 1,400-1,580m
• Varietal: Catimor P4 (7963)
• Processing: Yeast Fermentation Honey
• Flavor Notes: Lychee, Jasmine Tea, Aloe, White Wine, Tropical, Juicy, White Peach

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