375 El Fuerte Bolivian Geisha Natural

375 El Fuerte Bolivian Geisha Natural


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About the Source
Samaypata is located in the Florida Province of the Santa Cruz Department in Bolivia. The region is ideal for producing high-quality coffee due to its high altitude and excellent soil.

El Fuerte is the first of the four plantations owned by Pedro Rodriguez and his family in Samaypata. The name "El Fuerte" means "the fort," after the World Heritage Site of "The Fort of Samaypata.

El Fuerte was the first farm to attempt to develop coffee cultivation in Samaipata. Pedro and his team consulted with agronomists to determine the plantation's ideal location and planted different varieties for testing.

It was a risk, but Pedro and his team succeeded. Today, El Fuerte has a wet mill and is responsible for producing and processing coffee cherries harvested from farms in the Samaipata region.


As you would expect with Geisha beans, the texture feels clean. However, while most Geisha coffees have weak flavors, this one will make your day.

Taking your first sip, you will detect a complex taste reminiscent of red berries such as strawberries. Soon a dense sweetness like the tart juice of ripe peaches fills your mouth. It also has a complex, fruity, and floral impression that is unique to Geisha.

To put it mildly, this is a "too good to be true" coffee.


To avoid doing anything unnecessary to the careful work of Pedro and his team. We were conscious of only bringing out the best of the ingredients.

Rather than adding sweetness from roasting, we used a shallow roast to bring out the coffee's natural sweetness and let the rich flavors come out as they are.


• Plantation: El Fuerte
• Region: Samaipata, Santa Cruz
• Producer: Pedro Rodriguez Peñarrieta
• Altitude: 1,650 m
• Variety: Geisha
• Production: Natural
• Tastes: Strawberry, red berry, nectarine, floral, super sweet

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