307 Colombia La Ceiba Pink Bourbon Tri-Up process

307 Colombia La Ceiba Pink Bourbon Tri-Up process


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Introducing The Tri-Up Process

"Anaerobic" is a buzzword that coffee enthusiasts have been using increasingly over the past decade.

It refers to coffee beans that have been processed with some variation of "anaerobic-environment fermentation."

In this method, the vessels in which the coffee cherries are fermented don't contain any oxygen.

Adjusting the process variables results in different flavor and texture profiles. With the Tri-Up method, a plastic anaerobic tank is filled with nitrogen to eliminate the oxygen.

By using nitrogen, the pH is maintained, which enables extended fermentation.

Plastic tanks create an utterly anaerobic environment, which causes the temperature to rise.

So, after five days of nitrogen maceration, the next step is to transfer the coffee to wooden barrels for an additional five days of quasi-anaerobic fermentation.

This encourages lubricated fermentation.


About the Farm

La Ceiba is a 1.5-hectare farm located in Cauca, a Department of Southwestern Colombia facing the Pacific Ocean and having an altitude of 1,800 m.

The farm is run by Milton Samboni. Growing up in a coffee family, his father educated him on all aspects of production from an early age.

He farmed his first batch of coffee at the age of fifteen under his father's supervision. After studying agro-industrial engineering at University, he turned to work full-time with his father.

The family now manages two coffee farms. They continue to refine their methods and have won broad acclaim for their specialty coffees.

Ceiba means "cotton tree" in Spanish. Milton called his farm La Ceiba because the local area has so many cotton trees.

The farm is planted with several pink bourbon coffee varieties, called "Bourbon Rosado" in Spanish, that have become popular in recent years.

During the harvest, 25 people are hired to pick the cherries.

Since it's tough to consistently determine their ripeness, Milton's team uses the Brix level and uses only cherries over Brix 20 for processing with the Tri-Up method.




When warm, you can taste plums and chocolate.

As it cools, it becomes more apricot jam-like and softly sweet, with a pleasant aftertaste of guava and pink grapefruit.

The palate is clear and light, making it easy to drink.



• Farm: La Ceiba

• Producer: Milton Samboni

• Region: Cauca, Columbia

• Altitude: 1,800 m

• Varietal: Pink Bourbon

• Processing: Tri-Up Process (nitrogen maceration 5-days in plastic barrels, 5 days low oxygen fermentation in wood barrels, drying the whole cherries)

• Taste: Guava, pink grapefruit, plum, juicy, clean

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