Dip-Style Coffee Bags: 304 Dominica Pico Duarte Winey Natural

Dip-Style Coffee Bags: 304 Dominica Pico Duarte Winey Natural


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Dip-style coffee is a top-rated product for us, and we have been selling 100 units a day. Among them, we have a new lineup of what is commonly known as "black dip," which uses only the world's best coffee approved by our founder, Tetsu Kasuya, a world champion brewer.

304 Dominica Pico Duarte Winey Natural

Deep-roasted Dominican specialty coffee of the highest quality. It is not widespread practice to deep-roast quality coffee. Still, we dare to roast it deeply to express its chunkiness, heavy acidity, and sweetness.

As the name suggests, you will enjoy flavors like red wine and sweet and sour flavors reminiscent of raspberry and black currant jams. This black dip allows you to experience top specialty coffee just by pouring hot water.



  1. Place one bag in a cup or tumbler
  2. Add 50 g of hot water (about 93 °C)
  3. Steam for 30 seconds
  4. Pour an additional 130 grams of hot water
  5. Shake the bag about 10 times.
  6. Wait 3 minutes
  7. Remove the bag


  • If you want to make it easier, you can pour 180 grams of hot water all at once.
  • If you want it to be a little thicker, try reducing the hot water slightly or shaking it a bit more before taking the bag out.

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