213 Guatemala El Injerto Traditional

213 Guatemala El Injerto Traditional


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Molasses, Walnut, Grape, Smooth, Round, Chocolate


Farm: El Injerto
Producer: Arturo Aguirre
Area: La Libertad, Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1,500-2,000m
Varietal: Bourbon ,Catuai
Processing: Washed

Roast Level

Medium roast


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"El Injerto"

The El Injerto Farm is located in the village of La Libertad, nestled deep within the valley of the Huehuetenango department in northwestern Guatemala. The farm spans an extensive 750 hectares, with 250 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation. This region enjoys a cool climate with average temperatures ranging from 16-28°C and an annual rainfall of 1,800-2,000mm, providing moderate humidity. The volcanic soil is rich in organic matter, and a distinct dry season ensures uniform flowering and maturation, resulting in coffee with superb acidity, body, flavor, and a delicate wine-like aroma.

The farm is meticulously maintained, evident in the excellent condition of the trees, vigorous branches, healthy leaf color, and well-formed fruit. Great care is taken to protect the environment, including the use of organic compost produced with earthworms. Additionally, 470 hectares of natural rainforest within the property preserve the native flora and fauna and contribute to the farm's optimal climate.

Only fully ripe cherries are handpicked during harvest, followed by traditional washed processing. After depulping, the beans are fermented in tanks for 60-72 hours, then washed using abundant spring water from the mountains. The parchment coffee, enriched with sweetness, is carefully dried on patios.

The farm also owns a unique dry mill, ensuring complete control over all processes. Under the owner's thorough research and management, the coffee produced adheres to traditional Guatemalan coffee production techniques, resulting in a truly exceptional flavor.

El Injerto Farm's coffee consistently ranks high in Guatemala's specialty coffee competitions, earning it a place at the pinnacle of Guatemalan specialty coffee.


This time, aiming for a sweet finish, we have completed a medium roast with a slow and careful process. At first, you will experience a rich sweetness reminiscent of black honey. Then, it transitions into a softer sweetness akin to walnuts and caramel, with a hint of fruity notes like grapes. The texture is smooth, leaving a sweet aftertaste that lingers after you finish. The balance between acidity and sweetness is delightful.

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