188 Ethiopia Chire Natural

188 Ethiopia Chire Natural


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Taste Notes

Raspberry, Red Cherry, Almond Chocolate, Smooth, Yellow Peach


CWS: Bona M.T. Station
Producer: Local Farmers
Area: Bona, Sidama
Altitude: 2,100m
Varietal: 74112
Processing: Natural

Roast Level

Light roast


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Chire is located in Sidamo. The soil here is highly viscous, a mixture of sand, silt, and clay, rich in nutrients. Tri-Up collaborated with Chire station with the intention of producing coffee that showcases a distinct berry flavor.
However, due to climate change and the impact of an exceptionally dry season after harvesting, bringing out the targeted berry flavor proved to be challenging. After discussions with the local manager, a decision was made to move the beds for drying coffee cherries closer to the river and try the drying process in a more humid environment. This helped prevent rapid drying and extended the drying period to three weeks! By slowly drying in a location with lower temperatures and higher humidity, they successfully created a coffee with the characteristic berry flavor of Ethiopia's natural process.


Drying process for this coffee was refined in collaboration with the locals. Indeed, you can savor the characteristic taste of Ethiopia's natural process, reminiscent of berries and cherries. The roasting is not extremely light; rather, the temperature was adjusted slightly higher to bring out the sweetness typical of the natural process. It offers a sweet and sour flavor profile reminiscent of red fruits like raspberries and cherries, with an aftertaste akin to almond chocolate. As the temperature drops a bit, notes of sweetness, resembling yellow peaches or cookies, also unfold. When turned into a latte, the peachy sweet aroma becomes more prominent, and the coffee goes down in a fleeting, light manner. Ethereal...

This Ethiopian Natural, born through trial and error without succumbing to climate changes, presents a taste that captures both vibrancy and softness.

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