186 Ethiopia Gotiti Washed

186 Ethiopia Gotiti Washed


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Lemonade, Green Apple, Jasmine, Citric, Peach Tea, Tea-like


CWS: Gotiti W.S.
Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Area: Gedeb Gotiti, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1,900-2,100m
Varietal: Heirloom
Processing: Washed

Roast Level

Light roast


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The Gedeo Zone on the eastern side of the Yirgacheffe region is divided into six districts, and one of them is the Gedeb district. Located 434 km away from the capital, Addis Ababa, Gedeb was a remote area that took nearly 8 hours to reach by car until a few years ago. However, with the opening of the Ethiopia-Kenya road in 2016, the travel time has been reduced to around 3 hours. This region, where coffee is planted on a quarter of the land, has an environment conducive to coffee production, making it suitable for cultivation in Ethiopia.

Gedeb district is divided into 16 administrative zones, and one of them is Gotiti. Since the 2019 crop, the Gotiti washing station has been owned by Ranger, a subsidiary of BNT, with the aim of producing the finest Yirgacheffe coffee. The washing station has been established with a focus on meticulous processing, from recruiting skilled staff at competitive wages to careful execution of the pulping to drying processes. During the drying phase, special attention is given to thorough removal of defective beans on African beds, and there is a strong emphasis on educating workers on the importance of sorting.

"BNT Industry & Trading PLC"
BNT Industry & Trading PLC is a local exporter in Ethiopia specializing in high-quality Yirgacheffe coffee. The company is led by two presidents, Mr. Bire and Mr. Teddy. Mr. Teddy, with prior experience in the coffee business at another company, later invited Mr. Bire, a former college classmate engaged in international development work, to co-establish BNT. Since then, their motto has been "PAY FAIR GET FINEST," emphasizing the importance of fair compensation for the acquisition of the highest quality.

In its early days, the company faced challenges with both the quality of its coffee and financial stability. However, driven by their love for visiting customers and sharing coffee, the duo consistently listened to feedback and worked towards continuous improvement to produce better coffee. Currently, they have exclusive contracts with 45 washing stations in regions such as Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, and Guji, while also owning several washing stations as subsidiaries. The company ensures pre-payment to farmers (before harvest), harvest of fully ripe cherries, proper washing processes, slow drying, and precise sorting at their own threshing and refining facility, resulting in high-quality and uniquely distinctive coffees.

To further reduce the inclusion of defective beans, an additional color sorter has been installed in the refining facility. Additionally, the company is undergoing expansion to enhance space and production efficiency. Their commitment to incorporating feedback and maintaining an adaptable approach contributes to the continuous improvement of quality.


Initially, when I increased the gas pressure and roasted for too short a time, the vibrant essence characteristic of Ethiopian coffee diminished. To address this, I made an adjustment by allowing a brief pause after loading the green beans before elevating the heat, ensuring a thorough drying phase. Furthermore, to maintain a robust profile in the first half, I adjusted the time from just after the first crack to the end to slightly under a minute.

The coffee embodies the light and vibrant characteristics typical of Ethiopian washed coffees. Flavors reminiscent of lemonade, green apples, and floral notes are discernible, offering a refreshing and tea-like mouthfeel. The aftertaste lingers pleasantly with a sweet and peach-like finish. Describing it during cupping, we likened it to a "Weekend Citron" due to its citrusy notes with a pronounced sweetness—perfect for sharing with someone special over the weekend.

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