105 Colombia Buena Vista Castillo Tri-Up

105 Colombia Buena Vista Castillo Tri-Up


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Introducing The Tri-Up Process

"Anaerobic" is a buzzword that coffee enthusiasts have been using increasingly over the past decade.

It refers to coffee beans that have been processed with some variation of "anaerobic-environment fermentation."

In this method, the vessels in which the coffee cherries are fermented don't contain any oxygen.

Adjusting the process variables results in different flavor and texture profiles.

With the Tri-Up method, a plastic anaerobic tank is filled with nitrogen to eliminate the oxygen.

By using nitrogen, the pH is maintained, which enables extended fermentation.

Plastic tanks create an utterly anaerobic environment, which causes the temperature to rise.

So, after five days of nitrogen maceration, the next step is to transfer the coffee to wooden barrels for an additional five days of quasi-anaerobic fermentation.

This encourages lubricated fermentation.



Freshly brewed, the flavor is mainly cocoa and apricot, reminiscent of fine chocolate.

The texture is moist, thick, and desirable.

As the temperature gradually cools, grapey flavors emerge and become sweet like dried raisins.

There is also a cherry-like acidity as nuance, and the overall impression becomes gorgeous and clear.

There are also hints of burgundy red wine, rum, and sherry.



• Farm: Buena Vista

• Producer: Valencia Madrigal

• Region: Acevedo, Huila, Colombia

• Altitude: 1,700 m

• Varietal: Castillo

• Process: Tri-Up Process (nitrogen maceration 5-days in plastic barrels, 5 days low oxygen fermentation in wood barrels, drying the whole cherries)

• Taste: Cacao, dry raisin, rum

• Texture: Round, thick

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