104 Ethiopia Wate Mini Natural

104 Ethiopia Wate Mini Natural


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Established in 2019, Wate Plantation is situated next to a beautiful river and boasts state-of-the-art facilities. Located at 2,250–2,450 meters, its high altitude makes the coffee cherries much denser and the aroma much richer. The excellence of Wate's coffee was recognized at the Ethiopian Cup Of Excellence, an international green bean competition that attracts attention from around the world. Among all the great coffees from all over Ethiopia, Wate's was awarded the National Winner, a brilliant achievement in its second year.

Wate Mini

Wate Mini is a unique lot made exclusively for Philocoffea. It's a collection of small screen/cherry of 12–13 in size. They have a smoother texture and a more intense blueberry, peach, and elderflower aroma. The flavor is intense, with a juicy and lush sweetness. There is also an impression of blueberries, and the flavor is vibrant despite the shallow roast. The aftertaste is accented by a pleasant astringency, a bit like oolong tea. The peachy sweetness makes it a complete liquid.



• Farm: Wate

• Region: Hambella, Guji

• Producer: Nardos Coffee Export

• Altitude: 2,250–2,450m

• Varietal: 74110/74112/74158

• Processing: Natural

• Taste: Delaware, juicy, clean, sweet at, grape candy


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