103 Brazil Guariroba Topazio Double Anaerobic Honey

103 Brazil Guariroba Topazio Double Anaerobic Honey


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The Guariroba Plantation

The Guariroba plantation is an excellent farm that has won the 2016 COE (International Green Bean Competition). They produce various grades of coffee.

Topázio (Topacio)

The fruits of this coffee variety are yellow. It is a cross between Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai and then a cross with Cautai again. As you can imagine, the name comes from the gemstone Topaz, which gives the coffee cherry its yellow color. It is reminiscent of lemon balm and similar to Catuai in taste. Its fragrance is like lemonade, candied citrus, or lemon balm. You'll find it to be smooth and easy to drink.


This coffee is made using an anaerobic fermentation process called Double Anaerobic Honey. First, the entire cherry is fermented in a closed tank, and then the coffee is pulped with a pulper. The coffee then undergoes a second fermentation with the mucilage (the sticky substance of the cherries) in a tank filled with a microbial fermentation solution collected on the farm. The fermentation liquid, a kind of coffee juice, comes out when coffee cherries are fermented. It doesn't look so pretty, but it has a surprisingly pleasant and complex taste.


• Farm: Guariroba

• Region: San Antonio

• Producer: Homero Paiva Aguiar

• Altitude: 1,100 m

• Varietal: Topazio

• Processing: Double Anaerobic Honey

• Taste: Lemon balm, lemonade, sweet lemon zest, round

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