1OO Brazil Daterra "MASTERPIECE" Catigua Natural Anaerobic

1OO Brazil Daterra "MASTERPIECE" Catigua Natural Anaerobic


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The Plantation

Daterra Plantation has been producing exquisite coffee since 1987. In Portuguese, the official language of Brazil, "Da Terra" means "from the earth." The name "Daterra" was coined from this word.


The idea behind the plantation's name is to protect the natural environment and maximize the value of the coffee that comes from it as a blessing to the Earth. They feel there is no need to destroy nature to produce good coffee.

This is the philosophy of the owner and is shared by everyone who works there. They are dedicated to operating in an environmentally friendly manner. As a result, Daterra was recognized as the most environmentally friendly and sustainable plantation in Brazil.

Quality Control

The team at Daterra Plantation established their own quality control program, the "Penta System," which divides the essential factors in quality control into five categories: production, harvest, selection, sorting, and storage.

Bean Selection

There are three main categories within the Daterra Estate. Of these, Masterpiece is their highest grade. Only less than 1% of their beans are selected for the Masterpiece category. These are experimental lots with new trial varieties, harvesting methods, and selection methods.

Naturally, there are many Geisha and Laurina varieties (typical Daterra varieties) that are selected. This time, we chose the Catigua variety. A hybrid of Yellow Catuai and Timor is characterized by its tropical flavor, smooth texture, and bright, thick sweetness.

Daterra sees this variety as having the potential to be the specialty coffee of the future, not only because of the taste appeal of the coffee itself but also because of its healthiness.


Masterpiece is prepared using anaerobic fermentation, which has been gaining attention in recent years for its ability to produce unique flavors.

The team at Daterra has been researching anaerobic fermentation for over 10 years. Their technology has been recognized worldwide.

Special Offer

It has been three and a half years since Philocoffea started. We have finally released over 100 varieties of coffee beans. To commemorate this milestone, we purchased a shipment of Masterpiece from Daterra and are offering it at a 10% discount.


• Plantation: Daterra
• Area: Cerrado, Minas Gerais
• Altitude: 1,100–1,200 m
• Grape Varietal: Catigua
• Production: Anaerobic fermentation
• Tastes: Muscat, pineapple, red apple, stone-fruit, sugary, white wine, and yellow peach.
• Texture: Juicy

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