098 Ethiopia Kayocamino Natural G1—premium gourmet coffee by Philocoffea

098 Ethiopia Kayocamino Natural G1—Gourmet Coffee Beans


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Forest Coffee

Forest coffee refers to coffee whose cherries are harvested from coffee trees growing wild in the forest.
As coffee growers sought to improve quality and increase yields, they gradually turned to larger farms in the form of semi-forests, gardens, and plantations.

The forests that originated in Arabica coffee are now found only in southwestern Ethiopia and South Sudan. Due to the conversion of forests to farmland and settlements due to population growth and development, the forests are shrinking and degrading due to investment activities and intensification into semi-forests and gardens.

This is the forest where Arabica coffee originated, which may disappear soon. We believe selling these high-quality forest coffees to many customers is essential to improve the quality of forest coffee and protect it from the future of shrinking forest sections.


The Cayo Camino Farm

This is a relatively new farm and is still undergoing development. Furthermore, forest coffee has traditionally been regarded as being of lower quality. However, the owner, Ms. Eleana, believes in the potential and importance of forest coffee.

According to Eleana, the reason for this was not the land or the environment, but because fallen fruits and unripe cherries ended up in the mix during the harvesting process. This meant that the true potential of forest coffee was not being realized.

It is difficult to make a good coffee with such a mixture.
Since they were only harvesting the coffee that grew wild in the forest, the producers may have been more concerned with the quantity of coffee harvested rather than quality first.

This is where Eleanor's attention was drawn. She established her own company, Moplaco, in the Sheka zone of western Ethiopia, which is said to be the birthplace of coffee. There is no doubt that it has potential.

The Cayo Camino plantation is run with the hope of producing a quality coffee that is superior to other specialty coffees through proper harvesting and post-harvest processing with forest coffee from this region.
Taste Description.


This is the kind of deep-roasted Ethiopian coffee that Philocoffea is known for. It has a heavy jammy sweetness like grape and cassis with a pleasant bitterness.



• Plantation: Kayocamino
• Region: Sheka Zone, Ethiopia
• Producer: Eleana Georgalis
• Altitude: 1,900–2,050 m
• Variety: Heirloom (Ethiopian indigenous)
• Process: Natural
• Taste: Cassis, grape, and dark chocolate
• Texture: Smooth and medium-bodied

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