【325 Ecuador Tomodachi】A World Champion Series Coffee Made with the Kasuya Process

【325 Ecuador Tomodachi】A World Champion Series Coffee Made with the Kasuya Process


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As part three of our Tomodachi Project, we are introducing our friends at the renowned La Papaya farm in Ecuador. We call this coffee the "325 Ecuador Tomodachi." This coffee is also part of our World Champion Series. In this project, a local farm, a Taiwanese exporter (Tri-Up Coffee), and Philocoffea joined forces to produce the world's best coffee. This lot was made with the double anaerobic honey refining method invented by our founder, Tetsu Kasuya. Thus, we call it, "The Kasuya Process."


The Kasuya Process

This is a double anaerobic honey process used for some unique coffees these days. Simply put, it is an anaerobic fermentation performed twice as follows.

1. Ripe cherries are collected.
2. The cherries are packed into sealed tanks.
3. The tanks are left in water that can maintain a low temperature for two days to ferment.
4. The cherries are removed from the tanks and placed on pulpers to remove the pulp.
5. The pulp and parchment are collected. The tank is then sealed again. The key is to reuse the pulp without discarding it.
6. Part 3 is repeated.
7. The cherries are removed, and we move on to the honey process.

The difference from the normal anaerobic process is that the pulp is put through a pulper once. The pulp removed at that time is put back into the tank to ferment together, to build more complex and sweeter flavors.

This Ecuadorian is yellowish, juicy, and vibrant. You will enjoy pineapple and passion fruit flavors with a deep cocoa-like aftertaste. We'll improve it year after year, so please enjoy this first year's flavor. We hope you will enjoy the pleasure of making coffee with us.



• Farm: Hacienda La Papaya
• Producer: Juan Peña
• Area: Saraguro, Saraguro Canton, Loja Province, Ecuador
• Altitude: 2,100 meters
• Varietal: Typica Mejorado
• Processing: Kasuya Process (Double Anaerobic Method)
• Taste: Pineapple, papaya, cocoa, passion fruit, floral, juicy, bright acidity, blood orange, red cherry, round, candy

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