180 China Yunnan Dehong Yeast Fermentation Honey

180 China Yunnan Dehong Yeast Fermentation Honey


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Lychee, Jasmine Tea, Aloe, White Wine, Tropical, Juicy, White Peach


Farm: Yuan Yi Yuan Coffee Farm
Producer: Duan Bing Yi
Area: Dehong, Yunnan
Altitude: 1,400-1,580m
Varietal: Catimor P4 (7963)
Processing: Yeast Fermentation Honey

Roast Level

Light roast


Thank you for visiting Philocoffea. 

We are excited to introduce a new coffee from Yunnan Province, China, which is being offered by Philocoffea for the first time. Yunnan Province is known for its tea, but in recent years, it has gained attention as a specialty coffee producing region. The coffee we have purchased from there offers a unique flavor reminiscent of fruit liqueur. It's our first time featuring coffee from Yunnan, so we hope you'll give it a try!

<Dehong Region, Yunnan Province>
Located in the southwestern border of China, this area is home to various ethnic minorities. Coffee cultivation in Yunnan Province mainly takes place in the surrounding areas of Nujiang, Lancangjiang, Honghe, and Jinshajiang rivers, at an elevation of approximately 800m to 1800m in tropical regions. The terrain is complex, and there is a significant temperature difference between day and night, resulting in a diverse climate. (When researching the climate classification, it turned out to be quite complicated, with the northern part having a temperate climate, the southern part being tropical, and the middle region having a subtropical climate... quite fascinating!)

Dehong Region is situated in the northern part of Yunnan Province and belongs to the southern subtropical rainforest climate. While it used to be known as a producer of commodity coffee (used in instant coffee, etc.), it has recently started producing specialty coffee as well. I've written quite a lot already, but if you have the time, I highly recommend checking out the website of MOUNTAIN MOVER, who handles this coffee. It's very informative!

This particular coffee was processed using a honey process with the help of a coffee-specific yeast, in collaboration with Dehong Tropical Crops Research Institute. The institute is dedicated to coffee variety improvement, seedling cultivation, and process research, contributing to the development of Yunnan Province's coffee industry. For this honey process, the fully ripe coffee cherries are harvested, washed, and then their pulp is removed. The parchment coffee, along with the mucilage, is placed in a tank with water, and coffee-specific yeast is added simultaneously. It is then fermented for 150 hours and dried until the moisture content reaches about 12%. Through active communication with the farm owner, more precise adjustments were made during the fermentation process, leading to an improvement in quality.

To bring out the vibrant fruity flavors derived from the process, we roasted the beans relatively briefly (just under 9 minutes). It resulted in a bright and juicy light roast. When I opened the bag, it smelled so much like lychee that I wondered if lychees were packed inside. The coffee offers fragrant aromas of lychee and aloe, with a sweet white wine and ripe white peach-like juicy sweetness. The aftertaste carries an elegant tea-like jasmine note, balancing the unique flavors harmoniously. It's vibrant yet pleasantly refreshing, a flavor profile I personally enjoy.

In fact, last year during a seminar hosted by MOUNTAIN MOVER, I had the opportunity to taste the coffee from the past crop. It was already unique and delicious, but this year's lot has become even more delightful! I can feel the impact of their communication with the farm and their continuous research and efforts to improve the process, which has resulted in better quality. (I ended up buying a lot, haha) Please give it a try sometime!

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