179 Kenya Mitondo AA Washed

179 Kenya Mitondo AA Washed


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Taste Notes

Black Currant, Juicy, Blood Orange, Red Grape, Cane Sugar, Blueberry, Bright Acidity


WS: Mitondo Coffee Factory
Producer: Mwerua Farmers Coop. Society
Area: Kirinyaga
Altitude: 1,486m
Varietal: Ruiru11, SL28, Batian
Processing: Washed

Roast Level

Light roast


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"Mitondo Coffee Factory"
Established in 1966, Mitondo Coffee Factory oversees the Kirimaini, Kagioini, and Ihara villages on a 14-acre land. The Mwerua Producer Cooperative brings together multiple factories such as Kiriaini, Ihara, Gatuya, Gathambi, Kiaragana, Kiambwe, Rwamuthambi, Riakiania, and more, comprising over 1000 farming households. Located at an elevation of 1486 meters, the temperature ranges from 13 to 25°C, and the soil is rich red in color due to its high iron content (oxidized iron). Kenya experiences two rainy seasons a year, with a total precipitation of 1300mm. The water used for the washed process is purified and reusable, reflecting efforts to minimize environmental impact.

This time, our Kenyan coffee is a light roast. The roasting time itself isn't too short, taking about 10 minutes to gently infuse the beans with flavors. We also paid attention to maintaining the right heat during the first crack to prevent any grassy taste. The result is a coffee with impressions of berry-like notes such as blackcurrant and blueberry, along with a juicy and bright flavor akin to blood oranges. The coffee has a livelier acidity than usual.

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