172 Bolivia Trapiche Java Natural

172 Bolivia Trapiche Java Natural


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Taste Notes

Raisins, Molasses, Dried dates, Grape candy, Almond, Dark cherry, Smooth


Farm: Trapiche
Producer: Pedro Rodrguez
Area: Samaipata
Altitude: 1,600m
Varietal: Java
Processing: Natural(Cherries Handsorted then Dried in Coco dryer for 2 weeks)

Roast Level

Medium-Light roast


Thank you for visiting Philocoffea. 

Trapiche is a farm that started in 2015. Like Floripondio, which we frequently handle at Philocoffea, it is located in the region of Samaipata. Situated at an elevation between 1,550 and 1,700 meters, the farm is dedicated to preserving the natural essence of the land. With ample sweetness and a tropical character reminiscent of Floripondio, it truly embodies the terroir of Samaipata, in my opinion.

"Coco Natural"
We employ a unique natural process here, using a specialized mechanical dryer called the Coco dryer. It's actually an adaptation of a machine initially designed for drying peanuts. The process involves drying at temperatures exceeding 40°C for 35 hours, with stirring every 30 minutes to ensure uniform drying. This method allows for a consistent drying process regardless of the weather. The beans you have today have been dried using this Coco dryer for the past two weeks.

For this batch, we opted for a medium-light roast to highlight the sweetness. Java, it was a bit of a challenge, I must admit. It had me almost at my wit's end. Initially, I tried roasting it with a profile similar to Geisha beans since the green beans had a resemblance. But it didn't quite work out. So, I increased the charge temperature and adjusted the roast to ensure thorough development throughout the bean.

Upon tasting, the initial impression is sweetness! It's as sweet as last month's limited top lot Batian. It boasts a sweetness that feels like your teeth might dissolve. The flavors are reminiscent of red-purple candies like raisins or grape candy, with a strong sugary sweetness. It offers a unique taste profile, with a gentle, lingering finish reminiscent of almond chocolate. Especially on a tiring day, this coffee is a delight, and the sweetness really sinks in.

We recommend starting to enjoy this coffee two weeks after the roast date. You'll notice a fruitier flavor compared to right after roasting, bringing out a more colorful sweetness. Please savor this full-fledged Java from Samaipata's terroir to the fullest

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