139 Kenya Gathaithi AA Washed (Light-Roasted)

139 Kenya Gathaithi AA Washed (Light-Roasted)


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We have two versions of this coffee; light and dark-roasted. Here is the page for the dark-roasted one. For the light-roasted one, keep reading.

Our founder, Tetsu Kasuya, discovered a new approach to roasting. Thus, this coffee should be a bit of an upgrade compared to earlier batches. We hope you will give it a try.

Drinking this coffee, you may detect sweet and sour taste notes remenicent fresh cranberry and raspberry characteristic of the lush terroir of good old Kenya. It is not citrusy or sour but rather sweet and sour, making it easy to sip.

This coffee has a short roasting time with a firm development to maximize the flavors. The roasting is controlled to avoid an unpleasant burnt taste.

We are proud of this batch and feel it reflects our diligence in cultivating our craft over the years.


• Producer: Gathaithi Growers Association
• Refinery: Gathaithi Factory
• Area: Nyeri, Kenya
• Altitude: 1,720 m
• Varietals: Ruiru 11, SL28, Batian
• Processing: Washed
• Taste Notes: Cranberry, raspberry, tomato
• Body & Texture: Juicy, light


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