192 Colombia Chiroso Washed

192 Colombia Chiroso Washed


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Taste Notes

Lemon Candy, White Peach, Rhubarb Jam, Syrupy, Stone Fruit, Honey, Floral, Clean Cup, Long Sweet Aftertaste


Farm: Granito de oro
Producer: Fabio Nelson 
Area: Urrao Antioquia
Altitude: 1,950m
Varietal: Chiroso
Processing: Washed(80h aerobic)

Roast Level

Light roast


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Chiroso is a variety that has been cultivated in Urrao, Antioquia Province, for many years, and the raw beans have a slender shape similar to the Geisha variety. Recent studies have revealed that it belongs to the Ethiopian indigenous species. In the 2020 COE, the washed Chiroso from Los Tres Mosqueteros Farm in the Urrao region stunningly took the top spot, further solidifying its status as a noteworthy variety. It is well-suited for cultivation at high altitudes due to its resistance to cold weather, and its high yield makes it extremely popular in the Urrao region.

Nelson, the producer, is a second-generation coffee farmer. He learned about coffee business and specialty coffee production from his mother, Ofir Bolivar, aiming to become a recognized coffee producer domestically and internationally. Currently, only Chiroso is cultivated in Nelson's fields, but there are plans to also cultivate the Geisha variety in the future. Trying this Chiroso will surely build anticipation for upcoming varieties like Geisha. Expectations are high.

We roasted it lightly, aiming to preserve the goodness of the beans without any interference. By slightly increasing the initial charge temperature, we provided consistent energy from the beginning of roasting. While monitoring the rate of temperature rise, we adjusted the heat and finished roasting in just under 9 minutes. After the first crack, we made sure not to extend the time too much, leaving a floral impression.

The taste is refreshing, reminiscent of rolling lemon candy in your mouth. Alongside, you'll sense sweetness akin to peach or rhubarb jam, creating a pleasant balance. Despite the light roast, the syrupy, weighty body envelops these flavors, leaving a long, sweet aftertaste to savor.

This coffee is a favorite of Tetsu. When asked why during cupping, he mentioned glimpses of a "spirit of craftsmanship." It's clean, without any off-flavors, and simply comforting.

It's not a coffee with unique or extravagant flavors. Instead, its deliciousness prompts one to wonder why it leaves such a sense of contentment after drinking.

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