184 Kenya Nyeri Washed

184 Kenya Nyeri Washed


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Taste Notes

Dark Chocolate, Blueberry Jam, Grapes, Black Currants, Syrupy


Area: Nyeri
Varietal: SL28, SL34 and others
Processing: Washed

Roast Level

Dark roast


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Nyeri, located in the Kenyan mountains, is renowned as one of Kenya's premier coffee-producing regions. Geographically blessed, it boasts fertile volcanic ash soils from the Kenyan mountains, abundant organic matter, excellent drainage, and a well-aerated environment. (Volcanic ash soils are frequently mentioned in coffee descriptions. They are slightly acidic soils composed of volcanic ash and humus, with a light and sponge-like three-dimensional structure. This gives them superior water permeability and aeration, and they are known for effectively absorbing nutrients such as organic matter and phosphorus.) Being relatively cool, Nyeri's distinct day-night temperature variations slowly ripen the cherries, resulting in cherries filled with sweetness. Among Kenya's coffees, Nyeri offers an even more fruity and juicy flavor to be enjoyed.

We roasted the coffee slowly and thoroughly to achieve a dark roast. The coffee has a rich and slightly bitter taste, similar to dark chocolate, with delicious hints of reddish-purple fruits like blueberry jam, grape, and cassis. It has a pleasant and syrupy mouthfeel that adds to its appeal.

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