166 Bolivia Floripondio Washed Anaerobic

166 Bolivia Floripondio Washed Anaerobic


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Brown Sugar, Apple, Almond Chocolate, Red Currant, Black Tea, Smooth


Farm: Floripondio
Producer: Agricafe 
Area: Samaipata
Altitude: 1,710m
Varietal: Yellow Caturra
Processing: Washed Anaerobic(Depulped and anaerobic fermented 3 days following by drying in machine for 1 week)

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Floripondio is one of the farms managed by the Rodriguez family, led by Pedro Rodriguez, and is located in the relatively lesser-known coffee-producing region of Samaipata. (Within Agricafe, there are several farms, mainly categorized into two areas: 'Caranavi' and 'Samaipata'.) The name 'Floripondio' is derived from the Floripondio trees (also known as Angel's Trumpet) that grow naturally on this land and within the farm itself.

Established in 2014, this farm spans 47 hectares, with 29 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation. Situated at a high altitude, with high humidity and low temperatures, coffee cherries mature very slowly on the farm. Thanks to the excellent soil conditions and the tropical climate fostered by the surroundings, the Floripondio farm is considered an ideal location for planting various coffee varieties and conducting experimental processes.

The process is Washed Anaerobic, which involves three days of anaerobic fermentation after the removal of the pulp. The beans I purchased from Agricafe this time seem to undergo anaerobic fermentation after the pulp removal for both 'Washed' and 'Washed/Anaerobic' processes. In the Washed method, only the beans undergo fermentation, while in the Washed/Anaerobic method, water is added to the tank for fermentation, marking the difference. When you hear 'Anaerobic,' you might expect a bold, fermented flavor, but it's actually a clean taste similar to the Washed process.

The roasting is a medium roast leaning towards light, achieving a well-balanced profile. Amidst the sweetness reminiscent of raw sugar and almond chocolate, you'll sense a crisp apple-like acidity. With its balanced and easy-to-enjoy nature, it's a perfect coffee to savor with family. Additionally, I recommend pairing it with traditional Japanese confections or baked goods as a delightful accompaniment to your 3 o'clock snack. It's a moment that somehow brings comfort... Please do enjoy this kind of time.
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