210 Rwanda Gako Washed


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Green Tea, Citrus ,Lemon Candy, Juicy, Herbal, Honey, Silky, Clean Cup


Farm: Gako(Huye Mountain Coffee)
Producer: David Rubanzangabo
Area: Gako, Huye
Altitude: 1,800-1,950m
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing: Washed

Roast Level

Light roast


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Fuye District is located approximately 140 km south of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, a four-hour drive by car. Gako, managed directly by Mr. David, the head of Rwanda's production and processing company DAVID & FAMILY, is a rare single-estate coffee in Africa. The estate features shade trees planted at regular intervals to protect the coffee trees from direct sunlight, and the young coffee trees are nurtured with an abundance of organic fertilizer.

"Fuye Mountain Coffee"

Originally working as an agricultural technician providing guidance to farmers on improving quality and productivity, Mr. David launched the brand Huye Mountain Coffee in 2011, entering Rwanda's coffee industry. Mr. David's goal is to bridge the gap between small-scale farmers and specialty coffee buyers. To ensure both farmers and buyers are satisfied through high-quality coffee, he offers farmers training on producing high-quality coffee, provides necessary materials such as farming equipment, and guarantees fair compensation by purchasing at high prices. For buyers, he provides high-quality coffee, assists with continuous and stable purchases, and promotes direct trade exports.

Huye Mountain Coffee purchases coffee from 2,500 households across six sectors in the Huye District. Farmers receive guidance on pruning, coffee planting, shade tree planting, mulching, and fertilization to improve quality. The carefully harvested and collected cherries undergo gravity separation and are depulped using a drum pulper from Penagos. After further selection and complete removal of mucilage, the drying process begins. The coffee is dried slowly and meticulously, continuing with hand-picking, and is stored once the moisture content falls below 12%. Unusually for Rwanda, they also have an on-site dry mill, allowing them to manage lots separately by harvest date. Additionally, they have created their own cupping lab, which is quite rare. This reduces costs associated with outsourcing and allows for detailed day-lot and regional cupping, enabling the identification of quality issues and grading, and determining causes if any quality issues arise. By handling all processes in-house, they achieve thorough quality control and transparency.


The light roast of Gako Washed is a very refreshing and clean coffee, reflecting the meticulous care taken by the team at Huye Mountain Coffee. The first sip has a herbal impression reminiscent of green tea, making it perfect for the fresh season of early summer. A juicy citrus flavor, akin to pomelo, gradually unfolds, accompanied by a sweet honey-like aftertaste. The smooth texture adds to the overall pleasant experience.

Lastly, we were honored to have Mr. David visit Philocoffea recently. To continue producing even better Rwandan coffee in the future, we aim to build a relationship where we can provide feedback. Hearing Mr. David's vision of "ensuring both parties find happiness through high-quality coffee" reaffirmed our commitment to conveying this passion and the efforts of the farm. We are grateful for this connection and appreciate the effort made to visit us in Funabashi, Japan.

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