196 Rwanda Sovu Washed


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Tangerine, Juicy, Herbal, Black Tea, Caramel, Bright Acidity


Farm: Huye Mountain Coffee
Producer: David Rubanzangabo
Area: Sovu, Huye
Altitude: 1,700-1,900m
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing: Washed

Roast Level

Light roast


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Situated in the middle of Fuye County in the Southern Province, this area is located on the slopes of Fuye Mountain, from which the county derives its name, with an elevation of 2284 meters. The Sovu District is endowed with an excellent environment conducive to coffee cultivation, and it has gained recognition with awards in Cup of Excellence (COE) competitions due to the earnest dedication of many farmers to their cultivation practices.

Moreover, the region is steeped in folklore dating back to the Rwandan Kingdom era, with tales of an aged snake charmer known as Nyagachetul who resided in this area. The legend mentions a pond called "iriba rya Nyagakecuru," which she used as a well, and it still exists near Sovu to this day.


"Huye Mountain Coffee"

Originally employed as an agricultural extension officer, David undertook the role of guiding farmers in improving the quality and productivity of their crops. In 2011, he founded the brand Huye Mountain Coffee, marking his entry into Rwanda's coffee industry. David's goal is to serve as a bridge between small-scale farmers and specialty coffee buyers. Striving for both farmers and buyers to find happiness through high-quality coffee, he ensures farmers receive guidance, necessary supplies such as tools for producing high-quality coffee, and a guaranteed fair compensation (purchasing at premium prices). On the buyer's side, efforts are directed at providing high-quality coffee, assisting in continuous and stable purchases, and engaging in direct trade and exports.

Huye Mountain Coffee sources coffee from 2,500 households across six sectors in Fuye County. Additionally, they manage the GAKO estate, boasting the rarity of having single-estate lots in Rwanda.

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